The Bylaws of the Middle East - Mediterranean - Asia Accreditation Council (“MEMAAC” or “the Council”) are an integral part of the Accreditation Criteria and are incorporated herein by reference. The Bylaws are contained in Appendix A.



Even though MEMAAC is registered as a corporation in the United States, it is not recognized by the U.S. Department of Education because it does not accredit any institutions for the purpose of issuing degree programs in the United States of America.

However, MEMAAC recognizes the importance of the U.S. Department of Education’s provisions for certain operational requirements. Accordingly, the Council adopts the following statements regarding MEMAAC and the manner in which it carries out its accreditation function:

The Council grants accreditation for an established period of time, as described more fully in these criteria. Prior to the expiration of the grant of accreditation, each institution must seek a new grant of accreditation. The Council maintains complete and accurate records for each accredited institution that cover the current and the prior periods of accreditation.

The Council conducts ongoing and comprehensive reviews of its accreditation criteria and its policies and procedures to ascertain their appropriateness and effectiveness. Proposed changes to the criteria or the Council’s policies and procedures may be initiated by the Council or submitted by member institutions or other interested parties, and substantive proposed changes approved by the Council will be circulated to member institutions, appropriate governmental agencies, and other interested parties for comment. The Council will consider all comments before it adopts any final changes.

Public Participation


Visitors to Council policy meetings will be seated as space permits. They should notify the Executive Director or the Chair of the Council in advance if they wish to address specific agenda items. Individuals may request that items be placed on the agenda by writing to the Executive Director at least 45 days before each meeting.