Continuing Grant of Accreditation

It is the responsibility of the institution to file an application and remit the appropriate fees (if applicable) for a new grant of accreditation by January 1st of the last year of the grant of accreditation. This also involves submission of the institution’s Self Study, with supporting documents. The accreditation previously granted to an institution expires automatically with the passage of time unless extended by an action taken by MEMAAC. An extension of the previous grant cannot exceed one year, and not more than one extension may be given except for extraordinary circumstances over which the institution has no control.

Continuing Grant Process


Application. The process of application for a continuing grant is the same as for initial accreditation except that institutions are not required to undergo another resource visit. Multiple campus institutions that are applying for continuing grants of accreditation will be required to submit a separate self-study for each additional location. MEMAAC will not consider an application for a continuing grant of accreditation unless all reports are current and all fees are paid.

Withholding of Accreditation. A decision by MEMAAC, based upon the application and evaluation for a continuing grant, not to award accreditation for a new period is considered to be the withholding of accreditation, not the withdrawal of the previous grant of accreditation. The previous grant expires automatically with the passage of time unless MEMAAC affirmatively extends the previous grant while it is considering continuing grant application. MEMAAC will always give written reasons for withholding accreditation, and the matter, from that point, will be governed by procedures described in the section titled “Council Actions”.

MEMAAC will not award a continuing grant of accreditation to an institution that is subject to an interim action by another recognized institutional accrediting agency or a government agency that could lead to the suspension, revocation, or termination of that institution’s accreditation or authority to provide their stated education. Further, a continuing grant of accreditation will not be awarded to an institution that has been notified by its governmental licensing agency of a threatened suspension, revocation, or termination by the government of the institution’s legal authority to provide their stated education, and the due process rights required by the action have not been exhausted.