Faculty Preparation. Preparation of faculty members shall be academically and experientially appropriate to the subject matter they teach. Faculty members shall be competent to teach the subject matter offered and shall have reasonable latitude in their choice of teaching methods.


Verification of Credentials. Institutions must maintain official transcripts or copies of appropriate diplomas or certificates for credentials that qualify faculty members to teach their assigned courses and for those credentials that are listed in the catalog. All these credentials shall be on file in the administrative offices at the institution’s location nearest to where the faculty member is primarily employed.

Faculty Development. Institutions are required to establish faculty development plans including both in-service and professional growth activities to enhance faculty expertise. There shall be documented evidence on an annual basis of these development plans and their implementation. For those faculty members who possess limited related outside employment, the plan should concentrate on content update, e.g., new software, equipment, techniques, etc. Institutions are responsible for demonstrating that these plans are appropriate given each faculty members’ training, education, and related work experience and that they provide the proper mix of in-service training and professional growth based on the academic and experiential background of the faculty.

Faculty Meetings. Regularly scheduled faculty meetings or department meetings, with participation by fulltime and part-time faculty, shall be held. Discussions and attendance shall be recorded.