Initial Application

All communications concerning initiation of the accrediting process for an institution should be sent to the main MEMAAC office either via email. The accrediting process proceeds in distinct phases, each of which must be satisfactorily completed by the institution before the next can occur. Each phase must be authorized by the chief executive officer (or equivalent) of the institution, who also can authorize voluntary withdrawal from the process at any time prior to final action by MEMAAC.

When considering whether to award a new grant of accreditation to an institution, MEMAAC will take into consideration the actions of other recognized accrediting agencies that have denied accreditation to the institution, placed the institution on probationary status, or revoked the accreditation of the institution. If an institution’s accreditation was withdrawn or denied previously by MEMAAC, its initial application will be considered only after at least two years have elapsed.

The initial application process is detailed in the following pages.

Application Process


Preliminary Review

The institution must request in writing a preliminary review and receive a determination as to whether it is eligible to apply for accreditation. A preliminary review does not constitute an application.

To be eligible for accreditation, the institution must meet the eligibility criteria outlined in the section titled "Minimum Requirements".



The institution, after receiving a favorable preliminary review, shall submit a formal application for accreditation on forms supplied by MEMAAC. By submitting an application for an initial grant of accreditation, the institution agrees to be bound by the standards contained herein, including the MEMAAC Bylaws contained in Appendix A.

The application forms, eligibility certification, supporting documents required in the application form, and the nonrefundable application fee shall be submitted to MEMAAC.

Once an institution has been determined to be eligible for evaluation, filed a formal application, and remitted the application fee, the application is kept active for a period of one year.


Resource Visit

Following a determination by staff of the completeness of the application materials, a resource visit will be made to the institution, at the institution’s expense, to determine if it is ready to begin the self-evaluation.  MEMAAC, at its discretion, may waive a resource visit if that institution has maintained a satisfactory standing with another recognized accrediting agency.  A report of the resource visit will be made available to the institution and to MEMAAC and will be used for advisory purposes only.

Initial applicants must submit audited financial statements certified by an independent certified public accountant for the institution’s most recent fiscal year before a resource visit will be scheduled. This is only for purposes of ensuring ethical business practices are being followed. These financial statements will be held in confidence and MEMAAC will never share such statements with any other agency, whether governmental or non-governmental, unless bound to do so by a legitimate court order.



Self-evaluation is the most important part of the accreditation process, requiring full involvement by administration, staff, and faculty. MEMAAC publishes separate guidelines and materials to help institutions with the process.


Scheduling the Evaluation Visit

MEMAAC staff will schedule dates for the visit or visits to evaluate compliance of an institution at all of its locations. It is the responsibility of the institution to agree to dates for the visit(s) when classes are in session, faculty is teaching, administrative staff is available, and other operations are functioning normally.