Institutional Changes

Approval by MEMAAC is required before substantive changes are implemented, and institutions should notify MEMAAC of other significant changes.  The material in this section explains the evaluation procedures that MEMAAC will follow for approving substantive changes.  MEMAAC shall be notified immediately of substantive changes at an institution, including changes in its mission or objectives, management, ownership, control, name, geographic location, and governmental authority to operate; any of which may result in a comprehensive review by MEMAAC.

MEMAAC shall conduct a comprehensive on-site evaluation of the institution if substantive changes that have been made or are proposed are sufficiently extensive that the institution’s capacity to maintain compliance with accreditation standards requires an immediate assessment. Substantive changes are defined by MEMAAC as “extensive” when the types and/ or number of changes are so substantial that the nature and scope of the accredited institution will no longer be the same since last evaluated and in its place a new institution has evolved.


  • Additions, Changes and Terminations

    This section includes information pertaining to:

    • Additional Institutional Locations
    • Program Additions
    • Changes to Programs
    • Evaluation of Additional Institutional Activity
    • Program Compliance Warning
    • Termination of Institutional Locations and/or Programs
  • Other Changes

    This section contains information pertaining to the following:

    • Closing of an Institution
    • Change of Ownership or Control
    • Change of Name
    • Change of Location