Other Changes

This section contains information pertaining to the following:

  • Closing of an Institution
  • Change of Ownership or Control
  • Change of Name
  • Change of Location


Closing of an Institution


In all instances of termination of activity at either the main institution or one of its branches, MEMAAC must be assured that provision is made for presently enrolled students to complete the program of instruction for which they have enrolled, either at that institution or at another acceptable institution. In addition, MEMAAC must be assured that student academic transcripts are safely stored and protected and that the transcripts will be accessible to students and alumni indefinitely. MEMAAC and the appropriate regulatory agency must be notified of the arrangements made in this regard.

An institution is required to notify MEMAAC as far in advance as possible when it plans to cease operation. It must complete the appropriate forms describing its plans for teaching out its students and for storing and servicing its records and other information necessary for affecting the cessation of operations as smoothly as possible. The institution’s grant of accreditation will be revoked as of the effective date of closing.

When MEMAAC receives information from any source that an institution has ceased to operate, it shall immediately take steps to verify the information. If the Council believes that the institution, in fact, has ceased operations, the grant of accreditation is summarily suspended. Such action is authorized without prior notice or hearing and with immediate public notice.

The institution shall be notified of the summary suspension in writing at its address of record. Within 30 days after receipt of the suspension notice, the institution may petition MEMAAC for an expedited determination of whether such suspension should be withdrawn. If no petition is filed within 30 days, the suspension automatically shall become a revocation effective as of the date of notice of suspension.

Ownership or Control


The Council at all times must know who is in control of an accredited institution. The transfer of ownership or a change in the control of an institution is a substantial change that must be reported to the Council. Failure to provide this notification within 30 days of the change may result in revocation of accreditation.  

Change of Name


The Council must be notified and grant approval when an institution decides to change its name. 

Change of Location


The Council must be notified and grant approval when an institution decides to change its physical location or its address and prior to the initiation of classes at any new location.