Library Resources and Services


The adequate provision of library resources and information services, appropriate to the academic level and scope of an institution’s programs, is essential to teaching and learning. It is incumbent upon all member institutions to assess the level of library resources needed in relation to their programs and to provide a range of support to meet these needs. The size of collections and the budget allowed for library resources and services do not ensure adequacy. The quality, relevance, accessibility, availability, and provision of support services ultimately will determine the adequacy of an institution’s efforts. In assessing library resources and services, MEMAAC requires that an institution, at a minimum, shall:


  1. develop an adequate base of library resources;
  2. ensure means to access these resources;
  3. develop a continuous assessment strategy for library resources and information services;
  4. provide adequate staff to support library development, collection organization, and accessibility;
  5. ensure that library services are provided to all learners, including those at non-main campuses; and
  6. provide training and encouragement for students and faculty to utilize library resources as an integral part of the learning process.