Maintaining Accreditation

An institution, by successfully completing the process, inherently agrees to keep MEMAAC fully informed of activities at the institution. The Council requires an annual report from each main and branch campus, where appropriate. Institutional changes that must be reported to MEMAAC are described in the section titled “Institutional Changes”.

This section covers the following:

  • Financial Review
  • Payment of Fees
  • Unannounced Visits
  • Denoting Accreditation
  • Student Achievement Review


Financial Review


The Council reviews audited financial statements, and other relevant information to monitor each institution’s financial condition as well as to ensure ethical business practices are adhered to. MEMAAC will never share an institution’s financial records with any other entity unless ordered to do so by a legitimate court order.

Annual Accountability Reports. Annual Accountability Reports are not currently required by MEMAAC.

Annual Financial Report.  Annual Financial Reports are not currently required by MEMAAC.  

Audited Financial Statements. Audited financial statements, certified by an independent certified public accountant, are essential instruments in the determination by MEMAAC of an institution’s financial stability. All institutions are required to submit audited financial statements within 180 days of the end of their fiscal year. Failure to do so may result in the revocation of accreditation.

Payment of Fees


Institutions are required to pay all annual sustaining fees, user fees, evaluation visit deposits and expenses, and other assessed costs by the established deadlines. Non-payment of any fees or expenses subjects a member to revocation of accreditation without a hearing. 

Unannounced Visits


The Council, at its discretion, may direct an unannounced visit to occur at an institution about which it has received adverse information or when general operations of the institution may be called into question. Procedures for unannounced visits are described in Appendix B.

Denoting Accreditation


Only after accreditation is granted by MEMAAC may an institution so denote its status in official publications or in advertising. The form of notice is prescribed by MEMAAC, and specific permissible language is set forth in Guidelines for Institutional Publications in Appendix C.

The MEMAAC logo should be placed on all certificates and documentation of the institution in order to give full credit to the accreditation grant.

Student Achievement Review


The Council reviews the Campus Accountability Report (CAR) and Institutional Accountability Report (IAR) to monitor performance in terms of student achievement at both the campus and program levels.  Measures will include retention; placement; and certification pass rates, if applicable.  When this review indicates that the achievement of an institution’s students is weak or deteriorating, the Council will require the institution to add an improvement plan within its Campus Effectiveness Plan (CEP) and/or Institutional Effectiveness Plan (IEP). If the Council determines the institution no longer complies with the Council’s requirement for student achievement, the Council will issue a compliance warning, a show-cause directive, or otherwise take action and require the institution to demonstrate compliance within specified time frames. These time frames may be extended at the sole discretion of the Council for good cause, including evidence that there has been significant improvement in the deficient area(s) and the applicable time frame does not provide sufficient time to demonstrate full compliance, e.g., significant improvement in retention, placement, or pass rates. Institutions that are required to include a plan of student achievement improvement within their CEPs or that are determined to be out of compliance with the Council’s standards for student achievement are considered to be on student achievement review and those with campus- or institution-level plans are subject to additional requirements.