Probation is a status that the Council may impose on an institution if the institution is unable to demonstrate that it consistently operates in accordance with the Accreditation Criteria.



Probation may be imposed by the Council either when it continues a show-cause directive after at least one hearing either in person or in writing, or after an institution has notified the Council that it intends to appeal a denial action.

Result of Probabtion


The Council will not accept any applications for new programs or new campuses from any institution on probation unless the institution receives approval in advance to submit such an application.

Probation Lifted


Probation does not expire automatically. Instead, the institution is obligated to demonstrate to the Council that the conditions or circumstances which initially led to the imposition of probation have been corrected before probation will be lifted. Probation may be continued even if the show-cause directive has been vacated. The Council may order a special visit at the institution’s expense before lifting probation.

Notification of Probation


The Council will notify the local appropriate governmental agencies of the institution on probation, other appropriate accrediting agencies, and the public of its decision to place an institution on probation. The institution is required to notify immediately in writing its current and prospective students that it has been placed on probation by its accrediting agency.