Student Services


Counseling and Guidance. Each institution shall designate at least one person on staff experienced in counseling students on personal or academic problems and employment opportunities. The extent of such activity, and the personnel assigned to it, shall be determined by the size, classification, and admissions standards of the institution, the characteristics and location of students, and the means of communication with them. Orientation activities shall assist new students in adapting to the institution. The following are minimum expectations:


  1. A system of educational, occupational, and personal advising shall be available to students.
  2. Institutions shall emphasize retention and program completion for all students through activities that take into account their academic and socioeconomic characteristics.
  3. Institutions shall provide employment assistance and document activity. An institution shall not guarantee employment or the starting salary of its graduates. Follow-up studies on graduates and employer satisfaction shall be conducted by all institutions at specific measuring points following placement of the graduate. All institutions that use placement percentages or salary projections as part of their recruiting activities shall maintain data on all graduates, including the percentage receiving jobs and the percentage receiving jobs in the career field for which they were trained. Institutions also should keep data on students who do not graduate but who become employed on their own or with the institution’s assistance.  An institution is encouraged to provide placement assistance, when requested, to graduates of other MEMAAC-accredited institutions who are relocating to a new community.
  4. Institutions shall document that students are counseled concerning their student loan repayment obligations.

Extracurricular Activities. Institutions which sponsor or conduct programs of extracurricular activities shall base such programs on well-defined purposes. These programs shall be designed primarily to serve the educational needs of the students, and the institution shall provide guidance and supervision for them.