Visiting Teams


  • Selection and Composition

    When an institution has submitted a satisfactory self-study and other required documentation, the office of the Executive Director will appoint a team to visit and evaluate the institution. The institution is notified of the composition of the visiting team, who may request that team members be replaced for cause.

    This section includes information pertaining to:

    • Selection of Team Members
    • Composition of Teams
    • Evaluation of Separately Accredited Programs
    • Staff Member on Visit
    • Expenses
  • Functions and Procedures

    An institution is expected to be performing according to what it reported in its self-study and to be in compliance with the Accreditation Criteria (Standards) at the time of the visit.

    This section contains information pertaining to the following:

    • Scope of Visit
    • Functions
    • Procedures
  • Post Visit Procedures

    After the evaluation visit, the following post-visit procedures and reviews occur.

    The MEMAAC office sends a copy of the evaluation report to the chief on-site administrative officer, who is invited to respond to it in writing within the specified time frame. Failure to respond within the specified time frame may result in denial of the grant of accreditation.

    This section has information pertaining to the following:

    • Opportunity to Respond
    • Intermediate Review
    • Council Review
    • Council Actions