Functions and Procedures

An institution is expected to be performing according to what it reported in its self-study and to be in compliance with the Accreditation Criteria (Standards) at the time of the visit.

This section contains information pertaining to the following:

  • Scope of Visit
  • Functions
  • Procedures

Scope of Visit


The scope of a visit will depend on the location, operation, size, program offerings and classification of the institution. For a multiple campus institution, the main campus and all additional locations are subject to evaluation, either in conjunction with the main campus or separately.



The functions of the evaluation team are to verify information in the institution’s self-study and to report all facts observed during the visit as to how the institution is accomplishing its stated mission, or failing to do so, in compliance with the criteria.



Institutions are provided in advance with a checklist of materials and documents that should be current and readily available for review by the team. Prior to the visit, institutions are required to update the self-study where significant changes have occurred since its submission to MEMAAC. Teams visiting an academic administrative center will generate a report that will be shared with teams conducting visits to the individual campuses within the centrally controlled structure.

During the visit, institutions are expected to make provisions for adequate consultation between team members and the faculty, administrative staff, and students and the chief onsite administrative officer.

The team prepares a written report that covers each area reviewed at the institution and includes other information pertinent to an accurate evaluation. The report subsequently is sent by the team chair to MEMAAC.

An exit conference is conducted at the conclusion of the visit and is attended by the chief executive or administrative officer of the institution and any others designated by the chief executive officer. During the session, the chair of the team will summarize the evaluation team’s findings. Members of the team also may append to the report recommendations for institutional improvement.  The visiting team is not a decision-making body.