Selection and Composition

When an institution has submitted a satisfactory self-study and other required documentation, the office of the Executive Director will appoint a team to visit and evaluate the institution. The institution is notified of the composition of the visiting team, who may request that team members be replaced for cause.

This section includes information pertaining to:

  • Selection of Team Members
  • Composition of Teams
  • Evaluation of Separately Accredited Programs
  • Staff Member on Visit
  • Expenses

Selection of Team Members


Evaluators are selected from among educators, executives, and practitioners in business, administrative, and art fields and other evaluation and approval bodies. The person designated as chair of the team is experienced in management and is responsible for assuring that the visit is conducted fairly and thoroughly.

Appropriate governmental licensing and approval bodies may be notified of forthcoming visits and invited to participate in the visits as observers. They do not participate in team deliberations or in preparing the team report.

Composition of Teams


The size and qualifications of the team are determined at the discretion of the Council based on the type and size of the institution, the type and number of programs being offered, the mode of educational delivery, location of the institution, student enrollment, credentials offered, and other special circumstances such as visits to centrally controlled academic administrative centers. Full-team on site evaluation visits will consist of individuals serving as academic, administrative, public or member representatives as defined in Appendix A - Bylaws.

The application forms and the completed self-study will be supplied to members of the visiting team for review prior to the visit and for use during the visit.

Evaluation of Separately Accredited Programs


If attestation and documentation have been provided to MEMAAC that a program at an institution has been separately accredited by an alternate specialized accreditor, MEMAAC, at its sole discretion may accept those documents as evidence that the accredited program meets an acceptable level of quality and may grant accreditation without further evaluations being necessary.

Staff Member on Visit


A member of the MEMAC staff accompanies teams on visits. In the event that a MEMAC staff member is unable to accompany a team on a visit, the use of a qualified and trained contractor may be used as the MEMAC staff representative on the visit. The MEMAC staff representative is responsible for assuring that comparability is achieved from visit to visit and from institution to institution. The same MEMAC staff representative who accompanies a team also is available when MEMAC deliberates and may be asked questions about what was observed and reported by the team during the visit.



Visit expenses for all team members, including the MEMAAC staff member who accompanies the team, shall be paid by the institution.